We discreetly connect pre-approved buyers directly with owners of hotels and commercial properties looking to sell their properties quietly and off market.

We match the buyer’s acquisition criteria with our extensive database and network of owners of hotels and commercial properties, create the LOI and make a direct connection with you and the owner.

The hotel inventory includes 4, 5 and 6 star, trophy, flagged and unflagged hotels (some with management companies intact, some without) in any major US and European city as well as a portfolio of hotels in the Cayman Islands. Commercial properties include retail space, office space, industrial space, and multi-unit residential complexes.

Our Buyers include Hotel Reits, Sovereign funds, Pension funds, Hospitality investment firms, Family Offices, Wealthy individuals (foreign and domestic) and local investors and developers as well as buyers looking for the up leg to their 1031 Exchange.

The owners are only interested in dealing with pre-approved buyers that can provide a track record of successful trades in these areas and well as proof of funds to acquire properties of this nature.

If this is an opportunity you would like to take advantage of please see our questionnaire for details on the process to get us started.